Here are 7 popular traditional costumes of Jammu and Kashmir that people here are often seen wearing.

Traditional wearing clothes of Jammu Kashmir are the traditional dress of the people living in the state. These clothes are worn by people of all ages and genders. The traditional wearing clothes of Jammu Kashmir include garments like Kurta, Shalwar, Dastar, Dupatta, and Churidar. Kurta is a long shirt/tunic that is usually worn with a pajama or a kurta underneath it. Shalwar is a long skirt that can be worn with a top or bottom piece over it. Dastar is a turban that covers the head and neck in order to protect from heat and sun rays. Dupatta is an accessory worn on top of the head to cover hair from hot wind or cold weather. Churidar pants are typically worn by women as part of their traditional clothing ensemble while men wear them on special occasions such as weddings or festivals like Eid ul-Fitr. Traditional wearing clothes were traditionally made out of cotton, wool

1. Ladakhi Shawl

The Ladakhi Shawl is a traditional piece of clothing that has been worn in the region for centuries. It is made out of wool, and it is a perfect example of how traditional garments are still relevant today. The Ladakhi Shawl was originally designed to keep the wearer warm in the cold climate of Ladakh. The shawl can also be used as a wrap or as a scarf. It is usually worn by women and girls who would wear it on their heads while they are walking around town or at home.

2. Kasaba

Kasaba is a traditional wearing clothes of Kashmiri people. It is made from cotton and has an open weave. Kasaba is one of the most popular clothing items among Kashmiri women in the summer season. The fabric can either be plain or printed with flowers, embroidery, and other designs. Traditionally, Kasaba was made by hand on a backstrap loom. Nowadays, it can also be produced using a power loom. The fabric is very light and comfortable to wear in hot summers due to its open weave structure.

3. Abaya

The abaya is a long, loose-fitting robe that covers the whole body except for the face and hands. The abaya is typically worn by Muslim women in public. The abaya has become a style statement in recent years. It can be seen in celebrities, socialites, and even at international events such as the Cannes Film Festival. The Abaya is a traditional clothing of Jammu Kashmir which has been worn by Muslim women for centuries. It is made up of two pieces – an outer layer and an inner layer that are both usually black and loose-fitting.

4. Taranga

Tauranga is a traditional form of clothing that is worn in the Kashmir region. The Taranga dress is a long, flowing shirt with a skirt and sometimes a shawl. It is often worn by women as an everyday garment. and by men on ceremonial occasions. The Taranga dress covers the entire figure and is typically white in color. Women wear it without a head scarf, with jewelry, and a blouse or shawl over it. The skirt can be colorful but should not eclipse the shirt; however, its length is not regulated. Men traditionally wear Tauranga with a head scarf and shalwar kameez pants.

5. Gurgabis

Gurgabis is a traditional wearing cloth of Jammu and Kashmir. It has been in use for centuries and it is still popular among the people of Jammu and Kashmir. The Gurgabis is made by weaving the cotton threads into a fabric which is then twisted into a rope, which can be used to make other items like ropes, stringing, fishing nets, etc.

6. Pheran

The traditional wearing clothes of Jammu Kashmir are Pherans. Pheran is a type of traditional clothing worn by men in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The word is derived from the Urdu word “fauna” meaning “cloak”. The pheran consists of a long, loose-fitting shirt with a high collar and wide sleeves. It usually has an open front, but some versions have side openings as well. The pheran may be worn with or without pleats on the front, which are folded up to form folds on either side of the chest. It may also be made from cotton or wool depending on regional tradition and climate conditions. The collars and cuffs are typically embroidered with designs such as flowers, leaves, vines, and geometric patterns in different colors like red, green, blue, or white.

7. Pashmina Shawls

Pashmina shawls are traditionally wearing clothes from Jammu and Kashmir. These shawls are made from the finest cashmere and woolen fibers. Pashmina Shawls are the traditional wearing clothes of Jammu and Kashmir. These shawls are made from the finest cashmere and woolen fibers. The design is unique to each region in Kashmir, as each region has its own design, which can be seen in the Pashminas that have been woven in each region. With an increase in demand for these beautiful shawls, there is a rise in production levels too.



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