Top 10 Maharashtrian Dishes You Shouldn’t Miss

Maharashtrian Famous Dishes

Maharashtrians are a proud and joyous people. A lot of Maharashtrian dishes are well-known across the world. There are many famous dishes such as Pav Bhaji, Aaloo Tikki, Bhakri, and more. The diverse cuisines of Maharashtra reflect the culture and heritage of every region in this state.Maharashtrians have been the originators of many dishes which are still popular. Some examples of these dishes are pav bhaji and vada pav. These dishes are made with a blend of spices that are unique to Maharashtrians

1) Puran Poli

My delightful Puran Poli recipe with step-by-step photos will show you how to make the traditional Indian treat. This lentil-stuffed sweet flatbread is a popular Maharashtrian recipe made during, Ganesh Chaturthi Diwali, Holi, or any other festive occasion. While it does take a bit of skill and patience to make, the results are well worth it! And as an added bonus, this sweet recipe also happens to be pretty darn nutritious, meaning you can even eat it for breakfast.

2) Biryani

Biryani is a mixed rice dish originating among the Muslims of South Asia. It is made with Indian spices, vegetables, rice, and usually some type of meat, or in some cases without any meat, and sometimes, in addition, eggs an2)Dum Biryani Maharashtrian dum biryani is a popular dish in India. It is made of a mix of rice and spices, which are then layered with meat. The dish is cooked in a pot sealed with dough. The word “dum” means “to fill” or “to cover,” so the name refers to the process of filling the pot with rice and spices before sealing it up. The dish has been around for centuries, and there are variations all over India.


Maharashtrian kachori is a traditional Indian dish that is served as an appetizer or snack. It is made up of bread dough, which is deep fried and then filled with spicy mashed potatoes and sometimes vegetables like peas, carrots, and cauliflower. The dish has a crunchy texture and a spicy flavor. Maharashtrian kachori was first introduced to the world by the Mughals in India. It was then brought to England by the British in the 19th century.


Maharashtrian Bhelpuri is a famous dish from the Indian state of Maharashtra and is often served as a snack or as a side dish with rice. It is made from gram flour (besan), water, salt, cumin seeds, coriander seed powder, red chili powder, turmeric powder, and black pepper. The ingredients are mixed together to form a dough. The dough is then rolled out into thin disks and fried in oil until they turn crispy. The fried bhelpuri chips are then sprinkled with chopped coriander leaves and chaat masala before serving.

5)Sabudana Khichdi

sabudana khichri is an Indian dish made from soaked sabudana. It is the dish of choice when an individual observes a “fast” during Shivratri, Navratri, or a similar Hindu religious occasion. It is typically prepared in the Indian states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Gujarat


Khandvi, also known as Patuli, Dahivadi, or Suralichi Vadi, is a savory snack in Maharashtrian cuisine as well as in Gujarati cuisine of India. It consists of yellowish, tightly rolled bite-sized pieces and is primarily made of gram flour and yogurt.

8)Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa, also called Masala dosa, is a South Indian dish. It is a type of dosa and has its origin in the town of Udupi in Karnataka. It is made from rice, lentils, Urad dal, Chana dal, fenugreek, puffed rice, Toor dal, dry red chili and served with potato, chutneys, and sambar curry

9) Pav Bhaji

Pav bhaji is a popular street food dish from India consisting of a thick vegetable curry served with a soft bread roll. It originated in the city of Mumbai and is now found all over the country. The dish was first made by a Muslim cook, who used vegetables to make a vegetable stew that he served with bread rolls.

Pav bhaji is typically served as an appetizer or light meal. It is usually served with some chutney, pickle, and/or raita to add flavor and contrast to the curry.

10 )Vada pav

Vada pav, alternatively spelled wada pao, is a vegetarian fast food dish native to the Indian state of Maharashtra. The dish consists of a deep-fried potato dumpling placed inside a bread bun sliced almost in half through the middle. It is generally accompanied by one or more chutneys and green chili pepper.


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